A Grieving Mother's Easter

It was so dark that Easter Friday,
When they laid His body down.
As though the hope of all creation,
Went with Him into the ground.
And she wept a bitter weeping,
Only a mother’s grief can know.
For this savior was her baby.
She had loved and watched him grow.

It was so dark that Easter Friday,
When we laid her body down.
As though the sunshine of a lifetime,
Went with her into the ground.
And I wept a bitter weeping
Only mother’s loss can know.
For she had been my little girl,
I’d loved and watched her grow.

Now when Easter comes it pains me,
To see brightly colored eggs.
For the coming of this season,
Softly fills my heart with dread.
For when everyone is celebrating,
The resurrection found,
This season marks the painful day,
I laid my daughter down.

But how bright that Easter Sunday,
When He rose up from the earth.
All creation felt the glory,
Of new hope and life re-birthed.
But none as deep emotion,
As the joy in Mary’s face.
To see her child back again,
For one more sweet embrace.

Oh how bright will be the sunrise,
When we rise up from this earth.
All the world will know His glory,
As creation is re-birthed.
But the deepest of emotion,
Is seen on a mother’s face.
To have my child back again,
Once more in my embrace.

For the joy of this reunion,
I believe and I will wait,
I’ll trust He doeth all things well,
Though He give or though He take.
Cause one day I’ll see my girl again,
With sparkle in her eyes,
Then I will hold her in my arms,
To never say, Good Bye.

For what we celebrate at Easter,
Is not left within the grave.
It is joy that’s daily given,
And more joy that still awaits.
Yet, all this is only possible,
Because of Easter’s pain.
When He was buried with our loss,
And resurrected with our gain.

By Marie Morrow

Infant Hope
My Christmas Morning Peace

The world was still as dark that night.
The Roman grip was just as tight.
Not much had changed for poor and week.
Their lot in life was just as bleak.
 They sought a savior strong and wise,
To heal their hurts and hear their cries.
Instead they heard a tiny peep,
From little infant fast asleep.
How could the hope of all the land,
Be held within such tiny hands.
For thirty years would come and go,
Still waiting for that gift to grow.
Yet, changes great have come on earth,
Because of that small infant birth.

Today we want what’s fast and strong.
To ease our pain and right our wrongs.
Yet answers to our prayers are born,
Just as they were on Christmas morn.
A seed of hope so frail and small,
That does not seem like much at all.
Yet such a tiny seed of hope,
Will someday be a mighty oak.
So do not cry and do not moan,
When miracles are not yet grown.
For God has given us His grace,
As smiling from an infant face.
And if we wait, then time will tell,
Of God with us, Emanuel.

By Marie Morrow
Christmas Day, 2015


Just a Little Christmas Cheer
My Christmas Eve Plea

There’s just one thing I’m praying for,
 One gift I need this year.
I wish, God, you could spare for me,
Just a little Christmas cheer.
The lights are brightly shining,
The gifts wrapped under the tree.
I’ve given joy to everyone,
But there is none left for me.

I’ve done the Christmas baking,
And I’ve played the Christmas songs,
Hoping to have Christmas,
As it should be all along.
But my heart is feeling empty,
And it’s hard to make it through,
‘Cause my child’s gone to Heaven,
To have Christmas there with you.

She is singing with the angels now,
Where the stars are all aglow.
And it’s left a sad and empty space
In our family down below.
So as Heaven’s choir sings tonight,
To celebrate your birth,
Could you spare a little Christmas cheer,
To share with us on earth?

I am praying for a Christmas star,
To shine a ray of light.
To beam through all this darkness,
As it did that holy night.
Oh, I wish to hear the angels sing,
Of God’s good will to men.
And I wish today some peace and joy,
Would come to us again.

By Marie Morrow
Christmas Eve, 2015

My steps are slow and clumsy as I walk on two left feet.
My failed attempts to do my best have left me feeling weak.
Giving up I sit down still, don’t know what else to do.
You take my hand and lift me up, then pull me close to you.

May I have this dance? Let me lift you off your feet.
Let me show you how much easier life with me can be.
I’ll hold you firmly close to me and guide your every move,
Relax and let me take the lead, my steps are sure and smooth.
As we dance…

Life was never meant to be a burden and a chore.
Come with me I’ll show you how you can have so much more.
When work is done in step with me it isn’t work at all,
Every move is like a waltz we share in life’s great ball.
As we dance…

But time goes on and I forget, I wonder on my own.
Life spins on around me as I struggle on alone.
Then I look up and see you there, and know just what to do.
It’s my  turn reach out now and ask the same of you.

May I have this dance? Can you sweep me off my feet?
 Hold me close until I feel your heart with every beat.
I want to move in step with you, to follow where you lead.
I’ve learned by now to love the dance when you are holding me.
As we dance…

-By Marie Morrow

I came to sit with heavy heart,
Weighted down with cares.
Exhausted from the daily fight,
I need a place of prayer.
I've found a little quiet spot,
 Removed from noise and din,
Where nothing can disturb me here,
Save my own thoughts and Him.

The world it seems so very still,
Sun casts a golden glow.
I struggle still to leave my thoughts,
To let my burdens go.

Then it comes, so small at first,
A whisper in the trees,
A gentle blowing of the wind,
Swaying bough and leaves.
The place around me comes to life,
As flowers dance and play.
Grass and weed at once join in,
This frolicking display.

The wind it blows across my face,
In gentle sweet caress.
My cares are slowly washed away,
My heart and soul refreshed.
I close my eyes and deeply breathe.
Block out all else but this…
When God draws near upon the wind,
To bring me His sweet Kiss.

The tenderness I feel in Him,
The softness of His touch,
Leaves me struck in humble awe,
That One could love so much.

A God so great and powerful,
All earth cannot contain,
Does not look down with haughty eyes,
With harsh looks or disdain.
On such a poor and lowly soul,
Extends His hand of Grace,
To reach down to the least of these,
And kiss me on the face.

-Marie Morrow

Why are the trees such a brilliant green?
And why is the rose so bright red?
Why is the tapestry of all of life,
Woven with such colored thread?

The unblemished white of the lily and clouds,
The sky and the sea so bright blue.
The colors of spring paint so cheerful a song.
The rainbow exhibits its hue.

Even the dark of the darkest night,
Holds color in its unique way,
Enriching the contrast of darkness and light,
Enhancing this perfect display.

God could have created the world a dark drab,
Simple and colorless, plain.
Color will not help the flowers to grow,
Or sweeten the songbird’s refrain.

But God has created this world for us all,
And kissed it with color and flare,
So that we could see the kind face of His love,
Reflected in all we see there.

So stop for a moment to take in the view,
To bask in the sun’s golden glow.
Let Him shine His rays deep through to your heart,
That all of His love you may know.

                                                                                                By Marie Morrow
Even the black of the darkest night
Loses strength at the coming of dawn.
Eventually spring must be born anew,
Though the winter seams so hard and long.

In spite of the fury of the raging storm,
When its deafening winds rage against you,
Peace will come in the stillness again,
When sunlight breaks through to refresh you.

There’s no sorrow too deep for God’s love to reach.
There’s no pain that His hand cannot heal.
Even the seeming impassable road,
Has a way through which He can reveal.

So hold on to hope, though the hope is so dim,
That its glow cannot even be seen.
The sun is not gone, it will soon rise again.
Things are never as bad as they seem.

By Marie Morrow

Don’t sit around with a sorrowful frown,
And wait for the storm to refrain.
You poor hurting dear, get up off your rear.
Go out there and dance in the rain.

The water that drenches, cleans out our trenches,
Washing the old down the drain.
So sing with the flowers, enjoying the showers.
Get up and go dance in the rain.

Watching and hoping, while silently moping,
Will not make the sun shine again.
So move with the beat of the rain at your feet.
As you learn how to dance in the rain.

It’s flooding the yard, but don’t take it hard.
The stress will just drive you insane.
Try it and see how much fun it can be,
Dancing around in the rain.

By Marie Morrow

Love is a gentle morning mist,
Sprayed on a thirsty heart.
It gathers into little drops,
Thereto its journey starts.
Each tender, caring moment,
Each kindness that you shared,
Was like a tiny dew drop,
Gone up into the air.

Although it seems they’ve passed from here.
Forgotten in the past,
They’re storing up in rain clouds,
To rain back down at last.
One day when you are hot and dry,
In need of help and cheer,
The drops will rain down heavily,
To wash away your tears.

For all the love you’ve given,
Is not lost but stored away,
Just waiting to refresh you,
On a hot and dusty day.

- By Marie Morrow
Do you want to know where your prayers have gone?
The ones that you prayed last night.
When you poured our your heart before His throne,
And pleaded for help in my plight. 

You had prayed so hard that I would be healed.
The answer, it seems, didn’t come.
Had He closed His heart to your earnest prayer?
Or doesn’t He hear every one.

He gathered your prayers up into His arms,
And mixed them with His own tears.
Creating a mixture of purest Love,
And brought it to ease all my fears. 

He came to me in my room last night,
And He tenderly stroked my hair.
He poured the elixir to heal my soul,
In answer to your dearest prayer.

The pain didn’t seem so bad just then,
And the night not quite so long.
The joy of His presence that filled my room,
Then filled my heart with it’s song. 

I truly believe I am richly blessed,
As I bask in Heavenly glow.
The treasures I find in affliction’s cave
Are more than the richest can know.

Do you want to know where your prayers have gone?
Believe me, they’re never in vain..
They return with courage, comfort & faith,
And shower down on me like rain.

So please don’t give up in your prayers for me,
Although I’m not healed right away.
He answers your prayers in the way He knows best.
And gives me His grace for today.

                                                  --Maria Morrow