They say that a sense of humor can help save the day & ease the tensions during difficult times. I think God has a sense of humor. After all, he created us, funny people.
Several years back we were going through a very stressful time, with three small children & number four due in a few weeks, circumstances were such that we needed to move out of the house we were living in. All our options were falling through & it seemed every door we knocked on had closed. I felt like Mary finding no room at the inn.
Each day that passed our situation became more desperate as things seemed to go from bad to worse. I had tried to keep faith. I tried to stay positive but I began to get discouraged. What was wrong? We had prayed so hard. How much worse could things get?
Then I had the strangest revelation. I knew it was God putting his sense of humor into an otherwise serious situation. I heard Jesus saying to me in true limbo style & rhythm, “How low can you go. How low can you go.”
In case you aren’t familiar with the limbo, it’s a dance that originated in the West Indies—sort of high jump in reverse. The dancers form a single file, bend backward from the knees, & move with a shuffling step under a horizontal bar that is lowered after each successive pass. Dancers are eliminated when they knock the bar down or loose their balance & fall as they pass under the bar. The dancer that goes under the lowest bar is the winner.
 I had to laugh as I imagined that limbo rod being lowered to the next rung. It gave me new courage to face my problems as a challenge. “How low can you go?” Not in a bad or despairing way, but in fun.
Life’s struggles are not meant to crush or break us. They are the challenges that help us to grow, the stretching of the muscles that make us more limber so we can play limbo like a pro.
I put on my smile. I lifted my chin and said, “I can do this. I can go a little lower. I haven’t   fallen yet & I’m still in the game.” Each time more bad news came and things got a little worse I would smile at my husband and say, “How low can you go.” It became sort of a joke & certainly helped to take the fear and tension away.
See, I was cheating. I knew that my Heavenly Father who had enough humor to give me this revelation, had his hand under my back so I couldn’t fall. He had it all under control & all I had to do was play the game. By this time I was feeling quite proud of myself for playing my limbo so professionally & nothing seemed quite so bad anymore.
Well, it shouldn’t surprise you to hear that we won the game, & as our prize, our dear Lord gave us exactly what we needed, a wonderful home just in time.

Posted by Marie Morrow 



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