The clouds of discouragement and condemnation were dark and heavy around me. I managed to keep a smile on my face as I talked with people but inwardly I was so ready to cry.
        I was involved in a fundraiser, talking to people about the great missionary work we’d been doing. Yet within my mind, all my personal weaknesses, lacks, and failings were hitting me in the face. I was so sure the Lord must be looking down, ashamed at me for the failure that I felt I was.
         Then a man walked up to me and started telling me about his strange new concept on prayer. He said, “Everyone’s always talking to God, asking for this or that and full of all they want to say. But we never take the time to ask God ‘How was your day?
        He went on and on about how this simple question was such a revelation to him and he urged me to try it. I said I would, but was really thinking ‘strange guy’. Later the more I thought about it the more sure I was that I knew the answer I’d get to that question anyways. He would probably have some big message about how sad He was that I’d failed and disappointed Him.
        By the time I got home I couldn’t take it any longer. I decided to go ahead and ask the silly question, that some crazy guy told me to ask, and bravely take whatever judgment I deserved.
         The sun was just starting to set, The sky was beautiful, highlighted by the trees reflecting the light as the cool breeze floated through the air. I asked the question: “Jesus, how was Your day?” The answer came to me crystal clear and made me want to cry and laugh at the same time.
          He answered: “It was beautiful. Too bad you missed it. It was a day to praise Me and revel in My sunshine. I rejoiced today. I laughed today. I loved. It was a wonderful day and I wanted to share it with you but you wouldn’t look. Stop thinking with your mind and feel with your heart. Be still, let My presence fill you with joy. Look at my creation. Praise Me. Be a part of it. Don’t let it slip through your fingers.
        “The goal is to be a part of Me, close to Me and reveling in My spirit. My spirit is love, joy, peace. How can you give this to others if you don’t have it yourself. Smell the sweetness of My praises. Be a part. It’s not you attaining to Me. It’s being a part of Me, getting involved in the great song of life.”

            Wow! How often do we go around with our faces to the ground, splashing in the mud of discouragement? If we look inward at ourselves, it’s bound to get us down. Jesus didn’t tell us to look in, He said to look up.
        We have a God that is so great and so wonderful that all creation praises Him. So let’s quit singing our own woeful dirges. Get up and get involved, however small your part, in the great song of life.

Posted by Marie Morrow 



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