Sometimes I feel it is easier to trust God and depend on him for the big things, than it is to trust Him for the little things. I know I need his help for the major crises and decisions, but the little things I feel are my problem. So I carry the weights and struggle alone. After all why would such a big God, care about such small details.

       As I stopped to think about it I was amazed at the great care and attention God put into the smallest of his creations. From the perfect social structure of an ant colony to the precision of a single cell, God’s attention to details is plainly evident.

      In my home our children watch a lot of animal planet documentaries. They are not only educational but are often fascinating.  Each kind of animal, reptile, bird, and insect has their own unique style of courtship, mating, nesting, etc. Many have complex social structures, or intricate nesting designs. Each baby from the elephant to the honey bee is raised in its perfect environment suited to it.

       All nature moving with activity and busing with life survives because God cares about details. He knows that too much or too little rain can be devastating, too many or too few blood cells could be deadly. God’s creation moves with balance and harmony.

       Surely this problem I am carrying is not too small for Him. He is my father; He is in tune to my every need. He knows better than I do how to handle it. I must simply trust him.

Posted by Marie Morrow 



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