My husband and I live with our four children on the thirteenth floor of a nice apartment building in Taichung City, Taiwan. Needless to say, the elevator is a common part of our daily lives.

It was just a normal, busy day, in the midst of Christmas rush. I don’t even remember where we were coming home from, as our family stepped into the elevator and pressed the button. The number 13 lit up on the panel and the doors closed…

“Children, your mother and I have an important announcement we would like to make.” Daniel said in a way that commanded everyone’s full attention.

I had no idea what this was about. Daniel is a spontaneous man, full of surprises, and I never know what to expect from him. In a quick impulse I decided to play along. I moved next to him and put my arm in his to add authority to whatever he was going to say.

“Your mother and I want you to know that after fourteen years of marriage, we are still totally and emphatically in-love.” Then he turned and kissed me like a bride.

Wow! I hadn’t seen that coming.

The kids laughed a little and said, “Why is that an important announcement?”

Daniel replied that with so many marriage problems in the world and divorce so common, children need to know that their parents love each other. Then he looked at our son eye to eye and said, “When you have your own wife, you treat her right.”

With a loud ding our elevator arrived. When we walked in the door of our apartment the kids chattered between themselves with little giggles, while Daniel and I slipped into our room to enjoy a private moment together.

In 36 seconds between the first and thirteenth floor, Daniel had brought our family closer, put smiles on our faces, taught our son a life lesson, and put warmth in my heart that filled my whole being.

How much can you accomplish in 36 seconds? 



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