Why are the trees such a brilliant green?
And why is the rose so bright red?
Why is the tapestry of all of life,
Woven with such colored thread?

The unblemished white of the lily and clouds,
The sky and the sea so bright blue.
The colors of spring paint so cheerful a song.
The rainbow exhibits its hue.

Even the dark of the darkest night,
Holds color in its unique way,
Enriching the contrast of darkness and light,
Enhancing this perfect display.

God could have created the world a dark drab,
Simple and colorless, plain.
Color will not help the flowers to grow,
Or sweeten the songbird’s refrain.

But God has created this world for us all,
And kissed it with color and flare,
So that we could see the kind face of His love,
Reflected in all we see there.

So stop for a moment to take in the view,
To bask in the sun’s golden glow.
Let Him shine His rays deep through to your heart,
That all of His love you may know.

                                                                                                By Marie Morrow


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