My steps are slow and clumsy as I walk on two left feet.
My failed attempts to do my best have left me feeling weak.
Giving up I sit down still, don’t know what else to do.
You take my hand and lift me up, then pull me close to you.

May I have this dance? Let me lift you off your feet.
Let me show you how much easier life with me can be.
I’ll hold you firmly close to me and guide your every move,
Relax and let me take the lead, my steps are sure and smooth.
As we dance…

Life was never meant to be a burden and a chore.
Come with me I’ll show you how you can have so much more.
When work is done in step with me it isn’t work at all,
Every move is like a waltz we share in life’s great ball.
As we dance…

But time goes on and I forget, I wonder on my own.
Life spins on around me as I struggle on alone.
Then I look up and see you there, and know just what to do.
It’s my  turn reach out now and ask the same of you.

May I have this dance? Can you sweep me off my feet?
 Hold me close until I feel your heart with every beat.
I want to move in step with you, to follow where you lead.
I’ve learned by now to love the dance when you are holding me.
As we dance…

-By Marie Morrow



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