From a Grieving Mother

In the Beginning, when there was nothing, You created the Heavens and the Earth.
You started with darkness, deep waters and formless void.
Lord, darkness covers and surrounds me now like a formless void.
I am drowning in deep waters where there is no life.
I feel as though no good can come from this place.
Then I remember, that when You wanted to create a beautiful world,
You started with darkness and deep waters.
This is the black canvas on which you paint the glory of the morning sunrise.
It was from this dark place that You first spoke life into being.
You speak and the world awakens.
You speak and dry land rises out from the deep.
You speak and baron ground becomes a lush garden.
You speak and the dark of night is filled with stars.
You speak and the deep oceans come to life with wonder and beauty.
Then You speak and the quiet garden erupts with the song of bird and beast.
And best of all, You speak and we come to life, as a man or woman created in Your own image.
Heavenly Father, creator of all things, speak now into my darkness and bring my world to life.
Lift my lifeless form from the dust and breathe into me Your breath of life.
Let the end result of all of this be a new life that is created to bare your image.
Creator, I listen in hope for You to speak life and then I will echo your words, “It is Good”.

By Marie Morrow



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