Just a Little Christmas Cheer
My Christmas Eve Plea

There’s just one thing I’m praying for,
 One gift I need this year.
I wish, God, you could spare for me,
Just a little Christmas cheer.
The lights are brightly shining,
The gifts wrapped under the tree.
I’ve given joy to everyone,
But there is none left for me.

I’ve done the Christmas baking,
And I’ve played the Christmas songs,
Hoping to have Christmas,
As it should be all along.
But my heart is feeling empty,
And it’s hard to make it through,
‘Cause my child’s gone to Heaven,
To have Christmas there with you.

She is singing with the angels now,
Where the stars are all aglow.
And it’s left a sad and empty space
In our family down below.
So as Heaven’s choir sings tonight,
To celebrate your birth,
Could you spare a little Christmas cheer,
To share with us on earth?

I am praying for a Christmas star,
To shine a ray of light.
To beam through all this darkness,
As it did that holy night.
Oh, I wish to hear the angels sing,
Of God’s good will to men.
And I wish today some peace and joy,
Would come to us again.

By Marie Morrow
Christmas Eve, 2015



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