Dear Tempter,

You probably think you are very clever, thought your latest campaign to be so successful. You thought you could finally prove yourself to be so much stronger than me and that you could gloat in your victory. Well I’m sorry to have to knock you off your high horse, but your conduct in this fight was both cowardly and sissy.

You sought to attack me when I was already at my weakest. This was a weak and shameful move. You were just trying to take credit when all the hard work had already been done for you. Grieving the death of my daughter had already ground me to dust. Only a lazy coward would launch an attack when his opponent is already knocked out.

You must have been feeling pretty smug for a while, thinking I was pretty much gone. With me knocked out and unable to fight back, you thought this was an easy one sided fight.  Well, before you do your little victory dance, you might want to take another look. It is true that I’ve been too weak to fight you at all, but that doesn’t mean you win by default. You’d best reexamine the rules of the game and pay attention to what is going on. While you had your focus on little old me, you missed the strong hero who stepped into the rink to champion for me. And yes, that is legal.

Your plan has backfired. Did you really think you could just walk in here unchallenged? Did you think that my savior would leave me in my weakest hour with no means of defense? My champion has taken over my fight, so you’d better watch out because He is no picnic. I’d advise you to read Psalms 18 to get an idea of what you’re up against.

You hoped to make me lose confidence in myself and in my calling, tried to make me forget who I am. Oddly enough your attack has only served to boost my confidence. I want to thank you for having faith in me when I had lost faith in myself. I thought I was already defeated, but somehow you still viewed me as a threat and increased your assault. I’m really quite flattered that you esteemed me so highly.

You thought you could isolate me from the kind and strong voice of my savior. I will not give you credit for this. See, my savior and I, we had an understood silence. He silently held me, and I silently trusted Him. Your interference did not really interfere with anything.

Through all the smoke and mirror tricks you have tried, you have missed the important truths which negate your assumptions. Firstly, my confidence is not in myself in the first place. It is in my savior. (2Cor. 12:9) Secondly, He is the one who chose me, taught me, and cared for me all these years. He will not abandon His own project after He has invested so much time and love into it. He will protect His investments. (John 10:28-30) Thirdly, my savior is also an amazing artist. He is talented and creative. He creates with intention and purpose. He made me, therefore I am fearfully and wonderfully made. (1Thes. 5:24)

Next time, don’t be such a wimp coming after me when I am defenseless and beaten. And then again, don’t ever underestimate the defenses of a defenseless person. The rules of the game allowing for champions are set up to protect us from cheaters like you. And just to warn you, my champion is both jealously protective and undefeated, a dangerous combination to tangle with.

So until next time…

Marie Morrow



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