Be at rest, oh my soul. The Lord hath dealt kindly with you. The pain of this world has made you afraid, but come now, take refuge in my Lord. You have been brought low, but you will rise again. The storm is past, the waters abated. Do not fear to come out now and bask in the light once again. Do not hide in the dark any longer. Let the sun shine on your face. Let the freshness blow in your hair.

See now, even the birds give once again their song and squirrels rebuild their nests. The devastation is past. That which was broken will be rebuilt. New shoots come forth where the broken branches fell. The flood water recedes, washing away the debris. Once again the elements come into order and balance is restored.

Be at rest, oh my soul. Do not fear to build again, for you will have many good years left, years to bless and to be blessed. Rise from the mud now. Lift your heart from the tears. Whisper softly to your heart to yield to life and beat again.

Dear heart, so crushed and torn. So tenderly you have loved, and so terribly and fully broken. Beat again, my heart. Pick up again your steady pace. You will flow with life once more. You will once again be full and generous, with much love yet to give.

Whisper these words, soft lips of mine. Speak these words to my soul. The voices of cruelty are many. Dark and hideous their voices whisper of doubt and fear, of death and defeat. Speak out sweet lips and silence your advisories. Speak a word of hope and strength to lift this weary soul. Be strong and remember the songs of your youth. Please sing them once more to me. Tell of the glories and joys of my God, that my heart would not faint.

Dear eyes that have been so long in the dark, with no color or light. Emerge from the shadows, uncover your face, and let your sight adjust to the sunshine. Do not fear to lift your gaze, to see beauty in the world all around you. There is much beauty yet to be seen, new sights yet to be discovered. Look up, my eyes, and look to the horizon, to the wonders of life that are yet to come.

By Marie Morrow



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