From a Grieving Mother

In the Beginning, when there was nothing, You created the Heavens and the Earth.
You started with darkness, deep waters and formless void.
Lord, darkness covers and surrounds me now like a formless void.
I am drowning in deep waters where there is no life.
I feel as though no good can come from this place.
Then I remember, that when You wanted to create a beautiful world,
You started with darkness and deep waters.
This is the black canvas on which you paint the glory of the morning sunrise.
It was from this dark place that You first spoke life into being.
You speak and the world awakens.
You speak and dry land rises out from the deep.
You speak and baron ground becomes a lush garden.
You speak and the dark of night is filled with stars.
You speak and the deep oceans come to life with wonder and beauty.
Then You speak and the quiet garden erupts with the song of bird and beast.
And best of all, You speak and we come to life, as a man or woman created in Your own image.
Heavenly Father, creator of all things, speak now into my darkness and bring my world to life.
Lift my lifeless form from the dust and breathe into me Your breath of life.
Let the end result of all of this be a new life that is created to bare your image.
Creator, I listen in hope for You to speak life and then I will echo your words, “It is Good”.

By Marie Morrow


Forever Near

She’s gone from here, So far away.
I long to get her back.
The pain I feel, so very real,
Reveals how great the lack.
Then I stop and look around
How could I be so blind.
All around are parts of her
Which she has left behind.
The smile she gave is lingering,
Upon some other face.
She left a scattered legacy,
Which time cannot erase.
Impressions that she left behind,
Create a work of art,
That I will keep so carefully,
Imprinted on my heart.

Marie Morrow
Musings of a Returned Missionary:

There are pieces of us that we leave behind. Like the odd sock never found are the fragments that are never quite whole again. Life interrupted, uprooted, the pieces o f which can never quite be put back together the way they once were.

There is a part of my heart that belongs to another land. These pieces of me not lost but given, those that live on in my absence, lives we’ve touched, peoples and places that will never again be the same after the footprints of our influence has left its mark.

More are the pieces not lost but gained; the collage of faces and memories, the people and places that in touching, we have been touched, in changing, we have been changed. And neither will ever forget.

Many fragmented pieces scattered over time and space, of a heart that is both here and there.

This is our prerogative. For we are of those that belong not to a country, but to a race, the race of the Traveling Ones. Only those who that have lived this life will every truly understand. Yet, we are not seeking to be understood, but to understand, who we are and how we are to fit-in in a homeland that is so far from home, a place where we are neither foreigner nor citizen.

Such is the deep loss and the rich gains of a life well scattered. Pieces here and pieces there; pieces lost and pieces gained.

Each land, each culture, each tradition, has left its mark; people and places that will ever be a part of my conscience. Each is a precious piece put into place upon my heart as the mosaic of my life comes into focus. These are the broken fragments that make up a beautiful whole.

No, we will never be the same. Not the same as our old selves, not the same as the people around us. Broken, yet perfect. Fragmented, yet whole. This is the mosaic of the missionary’s heart.

By Marie Morrow


One rose is for your new found love, 
your husband/wife and friend.
To bring new beauty to your life,
 that loneliness may end.

One rose here is just for you, 
a sweet and precious bloom.
Do not forget your own true worth. 
Give yourself care and room.

One rose is for the source of Love, 
Creator of all things.
Who loved you from the start of time 
and all His goodness brings.

Now add a light, refreshing touch, 
some small white baby breaths.
The Holy Spirit breathes new life 
to keep you young and fresh.

Tie them all together now, 
with ribbon pure and white.
The purity that comes from Christ, 
will keep it strong and tight.

Like the thorns that grow from blooms, 
our human love may fail.
But the perfection of Christ’s love 
will cover and prevail.

Now let the bow be tied and shaped, 
each detail done just right,
So we can see the thoughtful care, 
God puts upon your life.

My wish for you is almost done. 
For these blooms not to die,
One more vital element, 
will keep it all alive.

Take this little bunch of blooms, 
and place them in a vase.
Let living water from God’s word, 
fill it every day.

May this simple wedding wish, 
bless you for years to come,
As two unique and special hearts 
are joined today as one.

My steps are slow and clumsy as I walk on two left feet.
My failed attempts to do my best have left me feeling weak.
Giving up I sit down still, don’t know what else to do.
You take my hand and lift me up, then pull me close to you.

May I have this dance? Let me lift you off your feet.
Let me show you how much easier life with me can be.
I’ll hold you firmly close to me and guide your every move,
Relax and let me take the lead, my steps are sure and smooth.
As we dance…

Life was never meant to be a burden and a chore.
Come with me I’ll show you how you can have so much more.
When work is done in step with me it isn’t work at all,
Every move is like a waltz we share in life’s great ball.
As we dance…

But time goes on and I forget, I wonder on my own.
Life spins on around me as I struggle on alone.
Then I look up and see you there, and know just what to do.
It’s my  turn reach out now and ask the same of you.

May I have this dance? Can you sweep me off my feet?
 Hold me close until I feel your heart with every beat.
I want to move in step with you, to follow where you lead.
I’ve learned by now to love the dance when you are holding me.
As we dance…

-By Marie Morrow

I came to sit with heavy heart,
Weighted down with cares.
Exhausted from the daily fight,
I need a place of prayer.
I've found a little quiet spot,
 Removed from noise and din,
Where nothing can disturb me here,
Save my own thoughts and Him.

The world it seems so very still,
Sun casts a golden glow.
I struggle still to leave my thoughts,
To let my burdens go.

Then it comes, so small at first,
A whisper in the trees,
A gentle blowing of the wind,
Swaying bough and leaves.
The place around me comes to life,
As flowers dance and play.
Grass and weed at once join in,
This frolicking display.

The wind it blows across my face,
In gentle sweet caress.
My cares are slowly washed away,
My heart and soul refreshed.
I close my eyes and deeply breathe.
Block out all else but this…
When God draws near upon the wind,
To bring me His sweet Kiss.

The tenderness I feel in Him,
The softness of His touch,
Leaves me struck in humble awe,
That One could love so much.

A God so great and powerful,
All earth cannot contain,
Does not look down with haughty eyes,
With harsh looks or disdain.
On such a poor and lowly soul,
Extends His hand of Grace,
To reach down to the least of these,
And kiss me on the face.

-Marie Morrow
 God looks on us with all our weaknesses and imperfections, and says, “You are beautiful.” Why is this? It is because when God sees you, He is not limited by our current view of time. When He looks at you, He sees all of you. He sees deeper and farther than any human eyes could ever see. He knows the whole person.

He sees the past, the moment he created you in purity and innocence, untainted by the hardships of the world. He looks with on with joy and pride on the creation of his hand and says, “It is good.”

He sees the present as a current stage in the process of growth and change, the making and shaping of a man or woman. He looks on with the pride of a father watching as His child learns to walk, reaching down many times to pick you up again, rejoicing at each new step of progress.

He sees the future, all that you will someday become, the destiny you were created to fulfill. And He sees further still to see you in white robes, washed clean from all that this world has dragged you through. He sees the one He will receive into his arms the day you arrive in Heaven to see Him face to face.

Yes, dear friend, God sees all of you,  the whole person, and that is truly a beautiful thing.


Why are the trees such a brilliant green?
And why is the rose so bright red?
Why is the tapestry of all of life,
Woven with such colored thread?

The unblemished white of the lily and clouds,
The sky and the sea so bright blue.
The colors of spring paint so cheerful a song.
The rainbow exhibits its hue.

Even the dark of the darkest night,
Holds color in its unique way,
Enriching the contrast of darkness and light,
Enhancing this perfect display.

God could have created the world a dark drab,
Simple and colorless, plain.
Color will not help the flowers to grow,
Or sweeten the songbird’s refrain.

But God has created this world for us all,
And kissed it with color and flare,
So that we could see the kind face of His love,
Reflected in all we see there.

So stop for a moment to take in the view,
To bask in the sun’s golden glow.
Let Him shine His rays deep through to your heart,
That all of His love you may know.

                                                                                                By Marie Morrow
Even the black of the darkest night
Loses strength at the coming of dawn.
Eventually spring must be born anew,
Though the winter seams so hard and long.

In spite of the fury of the raging storm,
When its deafening winds rage against you,
Peace will come in the stillness again,
When sunlight breaks through to refresh you.

There’s no sorrow too deep for God’s love to reach.
There’s no pain that His hand cannot heal.
Even the seeming impassable road,
Has a way through which He can reveal.

So hold on to hope, though the hope is so dim,
That its glow cannot even be seen.
The sun is not gone, it will soon rise again.
Things are never as bad as they seem.

By Marie Morrow

      "Oh, my lord, what shall we do?" Elisha’s servant asked.

      The king of Aram was at war with Israel. He sent horses and chariots and a strong army to the city of Dothan to capture Elisha the prophet. They came by night and surrounded the city.  When the servant of the prophet got up and went out early the next morning, an army with horses and chariots had surrounded the city.

      "Don't be afraid," the prophet answered. "Those who are with us are more than those who are with them." And Elisha prayed, "O LORD, open his eyes so he may see."
      Then the LORD opened the servant's eyes, and he looked and saw the hills full of horses and chariots of fire all around Elisha. (2 Kings 6)
      In this story the angelic army was already there, but the servant was afraid because he hadn't seen them.  Why must we always see with our own eyes in order to believe?  Is it not enough to believe because God has said so?  He shall give His angels charge over thee to keep thee in all thy ways(Psalm 91:11)  Seeing is the reward of believing, not the other way around.
  Why does it have to be this way?  Why does God make it so hard for us?  Why do we have to take everything by faith?  The answer lies in that last little word: faith.  It wouldn't be faith if we could see. Jesus said to Thomas, “Because you have seen Me you have believed. Blessed are they who have not seen, and yet have believed.” (John 20:29)
This principle of faith seems to be something God is very interested in. He places a great deal of importance on it.  It's something He seems to give us more credit for.  Maybe because it is a sign of our love and trust in Him, that we believe Him , and His word, and His spiritual powers and principles.  The Bible says about Abraham, that because of his faith he was called a friend of God. (James 2:23) That's a pretty powerful statement.  How do you become thefriend of God?  Read the story of Abraham and find out.  You'll see that his whole story is one of faith. 
This issue of faith is what sets us apart from the angels.  They can see and feel God and His power.  Faith is not something they get rewarded for.  It is a privilege reserved only for us.  The angels cannot have what we have. The blessings and rewards of faith are reserved for us, who walk the hot, and hard dusty roads of life.  
      We are battle weary and scarred but we come home triumphant.  The angels blow their trumpets to herald our victory.  We have won the war of faith. We held on when it seemed the whole world was against us.   We didn't give up when the storms of life rocked our ships.  Satan attacked us from every side. He threw his worst at us, but we survived.  We're still here!  We held on.  We believed!  We did our best.  Henceforth is laid up for us a crown of righteousness.
      When I receive my crown on that day, I will know I didn't earn it by myself.  We too have been helped and aided in our fight by the invisible armies of heaven, the “great cloud of witnesses”.   On that glorious day I will want to meet my guardian angel.  I would want to meet those dear saints who walked with me and who lifted me up when I was weary.  On that day, I will thank them face to face. 

Posted by Marie Morrow