God looks on us with all our weaknesses and imperfections, and says, “You are beautiful.” Why is this? It is because when God sees you, He is not limited by our current view of time. When He looks at you, He sees all of you. He sees deeper and farther than any human eyes could ever see. He knows the whole person.

He sees the past, the moment he created you in purity and innocence, untainted by the hardships of the world. He looks with on with joy and pride on the creation of his hand and says, “It is good.”

He sees the present as a current stage in the process of growth and change, the making and shaping of a man or woman. He looks on with the pride of a father watching as His child learns to walk, reaching down many times to pick you up again, rejoicing at each new step of progress.

He sees the future, all that you will someday become, the destiny you were created to fulfill. And He sees further still to see you in white robes, washed clean from all that this world has dragged you through. He sees the one He will receive into his arms the day you arrive in Heaven to see Him face to face.

Yes, dear friend, God sees all of you,  the whole person, and that is truly a beautiful thing.



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