I came to sit with heavy heart,
Weighted down with cares.
Exhausted from the daily fight,
I need a place of prayer.
I've found a little quiet spot,
 Removed from noise and din,
Where nothing can disturb me here,
Save my own thoughts and Him.

The world it seems so very still,
Sun casts a golden glow.
I struggle still to leave my thoughts,
To let my burdens go.

Then it comes, so small at first,
A whisper in the trees,
A gentle blowing of the wind,
Swaying bough and leaves.
The place around me comes to life,
As flowers dance and play.
Grass and weed at once join in,
This frolicking display.

The wind it blows across my face,
In gentle sweet caress.
My cares are slowly washed away,
My heart and soul refreshed.
I close my eyes and deeply breathe.
Block out all else but this…
When God draws near upon the wind,
To bring me His sweet Kiss.

The tenderness I feel in Him,
The softness of His touch,
Leaves me struck in humble awe,
That One could love so much.

A God so great and powerful,
All earth cannot contain,
Does not look down with haughty eyes,
With harsh looks or disdain.
On such a poor and lowly soul,
Extends His hand of Grace,
To reach down to the least of these,
And kiss me on the face.

-Marie Morrow


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