One rose is for your new found love, 
your husband/wife and friend.
To bring new beauty to your life,
 that loneliness may end.

One rose here is just for you, 
a sweet and precious bloom.
Do not forget your own true worth. 
Give yourself care and room.

One rose is for the source of Love, 
Creator of all things.
Who loved you from the start of time 
and all His goodness brings.

Now add a light, refreshing touch, 
some small white baby breaths.
The Holy Spirit breathes new life 
to keep you young and fresh.

Tie them all together now, 
with ribbon pure and white.
The purity that comes from Christ, 
will keep it strong and tight.

Like the thorns that grow from blooms, 
our human love may fail.
But the perfection of Christ’s love 
will cover and prevail.

Now let the bow be tied and shaped, 
each detail done just right,
So we can see the thoughtful care, 
God puts upon your life.

My wish for you is almost done. 
For these blooms not to die,
One more vital element, 
will keep it all alive.

Take this little bunch of blooms, 
and place them in a vase.
Let living water from God’s word, 
fill it every day.

May this simple wedding wish, 
bless you for years to come,
As two unique and special hearts 
are joined today as one.



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